Upcoming gigs:

  • May 5th Jaime van der Sluys Quartet, The Americana Glendale
  • May 6th Honeymoon to Vegas, Alex Theatre
  • May 10th Craig Cammell Quartet, Rhythm Room DTLA
  • May 13th Ian Solomon Group, private event
  • May 13th Teryn Re Big Band, Blue Whale DTLA
  • May 17th Lauren Kinhan (New York Voices), Vitello’s
  • May 18th Performance with the jazz vocal group of the College of the Canyons, COC campus
  • May 19th VDE Big Band, West Ranch High School, Santa Clarita
  • May 19th Quartet at the Grove, Hollywood
  • May 19th Nick Mancini Group, Barkeley Pasadena
  • May 22nd Ron King Big Band, Vitello’s
  • May 23rd Ian Solomon Trio The Six jam session, Calabasas
  • May 24th Craig Cammell Quartet, Rhythm Room Jam Session
  • May 29th Teryn Re Big Band, The Country Club, Costa Mesa
  • June 3rd LAHO Group, Grand Central Market DTLA
  • June 5th Daniel Massey trio, Lock and Key DTLA
  • June 11th LAHO Group with Ido Meshulam, Blue Whale
  • June 14th Nick Mancini Trio, Brackshop Tavern
  • June 16th Bobby DeCarlo, Barkley Pasadena
  • June 17th Ian Solomon trio, private event
  • June 28th Craig Cammell Quartet, Rhythm Room Jam Session
  • July 8th Mancini / VDE Trio, Mel Rose Trading Post
  • July 8th Jazzaholics, Tabula Rasa
  • July 11th LAHO Trio, Jazzville Palm Springs
  • July 19th The Saxoffenders, Seven Grand, DTLA
  • July 21st Daniel Massey Trio, Oak and Vine Glendale
  • July 22nd, Perch Downtown LA
  • July 22nd LAHO Trio, private event
  • July 23rd Kyle O’Donnell trio, the Famous Glendale
  • July 26th Craig Cammell Quartet, Rhythm Room DTLA
  • July 31st LAHO Black Cat, San Francisco
  • August 1st LAHO Black Cat, San Francisco
  • August 5th Ron King Big Band, The Lighthouse, Hermosa Beach
  • August 16th Dutch Concert Big Band LA Project, Grachtenfestival Hotel de L’Europe
  • August 31st LAHO Group, Sam First
  • September 5th Jazzoholics, The Famous Glendale
  • September 8th Natalie Mendoza Group, Beverly Hills
  • September 9th Jazzoholics, Tabula Rasa Hollywood
  • September 12th Brad Black and Maria Schafer, Vitello’s Studio City
  • September 13th Craig Cammell Quartet, Rhythm Room DTLA
  • September 15th Stephen Thurston Trio, private event
  • September 16th Jazzaholics, Tabula Rasa LA
  • September 23rd Jazzaholics, Tabula Rasa LA
  • September 25th Nick Mancini Collective, Trip Santa Monica
  • September 30th Trio with Brett McDonald and Jake Leckie, Tabula Rasa LA
  • October 2nd LAHO Group, Vibrato’s LA
  • October 3rd VDE Quartet, Rhythm Room DTLA
  • October 4th Nick Mancini trio, Brackshop Tavern
  • —– Nick Mancini European Collective tour
  • October 7th Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch Netherlands
  • October 11th Bimhuis, Amsterdam Netherlands
  • October 12th Jeppis Jazz Festival, Jakobstadt Finland
  • October 13th Doo Bop Jazz Club, Vaassa Finland
  • October 20th Kunst Uni, Graz Austria
  • October 24th LAHO Trio, Lighthouse, Hermosa Beach
  • October 25th VDE Group with Dick Oatts, Josh Nelson, Nick Mancini and Edwin Livingston
  • October 28th private event
  • November 2nd Nick Mancini Quartet, Sam First LAX
  • November 3rd College of the Canyons Vocal Choir competition, San Luis Obispo
  • November 4th Kyle O’Donnell Jazzaholics, Tabula Rasa, Hollywood
  • November 5th Gretje Angel, The Famous Glendale
  • November 6th VDE Big Band, The Country Club, Costa Mesa
  • November 8th Craig Cammell Quartet, Rhythm Room
  • November 10th Josh Nelson Quartet, Vibrato’s,Bel Air
  • November 11th Nick Mancini Trio, Grand Central Market DTLA
  • November 14th Zephyr Avalon Group, Lighthouse Hermosa Beach
  • November 26th VDE / Jonokuchi Big Band, Bogies Thousand Oaks
  • November 27th, Danny Jonokuchi Quartet concert and clinic, Valencia High School Santa Clarita
  • November 28th Danny Jonokuchi Big Band, Vitello’s Studio City
  • December 3rd Nick Mancini Trio, The Mint
  • December 4th VDE Small Big Band, The Country Club Costa Mesa
  • December 5th Trio with Michael Mull and Emilio Terra Nova, Oeno Vino Glendale
  • December 6th Victoria Bailey, TThe Wayfarer Long Beach
  • December 7th, COC Vocal Jazz Choirs, Dr. Dianne van Hook Center, Santa Clarita



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