Upcoming gigs:

December 1st Dave Slonaker Big Band, Campus Jax, Newport

December 10th Elizabeth Lamers, Barnoa, San Clemente

December 15th VDE Big Band Birthday Bash with Josh Nelson, Sal Lozano and Mark Kopitzke, Vibrato Bel Air

December 22nd Jerry Costanzo and the Gotham City Swingers, Vibrato, Bel Air

December 31st New Years Eve with Allyson Briggs, Beverly Hills Waldorf Astoria


January 3rd Danny Jonokuchi Big Band, Vibrato

January 22nd Tom Franchini, Urban Press Winery

January 28th Danny Jonokuchi and the Revisionists, Cicada Club

February 4th Danny Jonokuchi and the Revisitionsts, The Airliner Lounge

February 11th Elizabeth Lamers with Will Brahm and Luther Hughes, Barnoa San Clemente

February 18th Danny Jonokuchi featuring Bob Sheppard, The Grape Ventura

February 22nd Pure Sound, Candle Light tribute to Ella Fitzgerald and Lous Armstrong

March 5th VDE Big Band with Dianne Reeves and others, Jexa Awards, Cicada Club

March 6th Lauren Baba Big Band Night with Joe DiFiore Big Band, Artshare LA

March 12th L.A.H.O Group, The York

March 16th OCSA jazz faculty concert, tba

March 17th West Coast Jazz Hour with Nan Schwartz, Facebook live

April 1st Jazz faculty concert featuring Josh Nelson, John Muir Middle School, Burbank

April 5th West Coast Jazz Hour Big Band with Melissa Morgan, Vibrato Bel Air

April 7th Angie Wells, TBA

April 14th Clinic at Cal State Northridge with Josh Nelson, West Coast Jazz Hour

April 27th West Coast Jazz Hour Trio, The Grape, Ventura

April 28th West Coast Jazz Hour Trio, Soundroom, Oakland

April 29th West Coast Jazz Hour Trio, Libretto, Paso Robles

May 17th VDE Big Band with Christian Wiggs, Vibrato Bel Air

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